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The Tiffany Guide to “Yes!”

How does my first appointment go?

Should I Bring Anything?

Just bring yourself and any knowledge you’ve acquired about your beloved’s style—a Tiffany Diamond Expert will help guide you through any unknowns. If you have a proposal date and price consideration in mind, then you’re ahead of the game.

Do I Browse or Buy?

Need more time? There is no pressure to purchase during your first appointment. Make a second appointment when you’re sure of the engagement ring that’s the one. Right now, it’s all about gathering information to confidently make your decision.

Can I Make a Purchase Online?

By setting up a phone appointment with a Tiffany Diamond Expert, you can select, purchase and have your engagement ring shipped directly to you without ever leaving home. Our online Tiffany Diamond Experts are a dedicated team, and you’ll work with the same expert at every stage. First we help you narrow down ring styles, then partner directly with the retail store to provide you with as many images of the actual ring as possible according to your needs and preferences.

First Engagement Ring Buying Appointment
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