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The Tiffany Guide to “Yes!”

Any tips on proposing?

Draft Your “Will You?”

Tiffany experts all agree: determine a script to avoid fumbling your feelings. You don’t have to read off cue cards, but you don’t want to wing it. After all, it’s important for your soon-to-be-betrothed to feel they’re the love of your life.

Say “Yes!” to Chivalry

Some traditions never go out of style. Getting down on one knee is humble, classic and undeniably romantic. The same is true for sharing your plans for forever with your fiancee’s parents. Remember, you’re asking for their blessing rather than their permission. All parties will feel splendid and included.

Make it Personal

You know your true love better than anyone. Are they a public or private person? Which special spot is just yours? Should friends and family be present or only the two of you? The most meaningful proposals celebrate the ‘only-us’ details the two of you share. However you choose to propose, make it a moment, because you’ll retell and revisit the story for the rest of your life together.

Think Inside the Box

Tiffany Diamond Experts recommend presenting your engagement ring in its box, the most classic way. Not only is it timelessly romantic, it’s more secure. Presenting your ring loose, either by holding it in your hand or placing it on something, creates a riskier “will you?” moment. We want you to feel calm, cool and confident.

Stop Worrying

What if the ring doesn’t fit? What if the style isn’t right? Not to worry. We offer complimentary ring sizing and a 30-day return or exchange policy. We’re happy to assist you.

Proposal Tips
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