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The Tiffany Guide to “Yes!”

Wait, I need wedding bands too?

Better Together

Most couples shop for wedding bands together after the proposal—one less decision you’ll need to make solo. Explore Tiffany’s extraordinary wedding bands, offered in a range of stunning styles. You don’t have to select the same band to be a perfect pair. Couples often choose different silhouettes, metals, finishes and special details, such as diamonds , that complement each other beautifully.

Personalize Your Love

Ask about Tiffany’s custom hand engraving, a service unique to Tiffany since the 19th century. Passed along from master to apprentice over decades, this art remains an important way to imbue wedding rings and other prized objects with greater significance. From your initials to a special date, a romantic quote or secret message known only to the two of you, Tiffany engraving adds a truly personal touch.

Wedding Bands
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