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Full Lifetime Warranty

Full Lifetime Warranty

Tiffany gemological standards refer only to round brilliant diamonds from 0.18 to 2.99 carats set in certain ring styles. Round brilliant diamonds smaller or larger, fancy shape diamonds and fancy color diamonds each have their own specially tailored standards of evaluation. Consult your Tiffany Sales Professional for details.

Our Promise:

That the Diamond is a natural diamond with each of the characteristics stated on the Certificate at the time of sale subject only to the following:

1. “Warranty” means this document; “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Tiffany and Company, a New York corporation; “Certificate” means the Tiffany & Co. Diamond Certificate that accompanies this Warranty; “Diamond” means the diamond identified in the Certificate; “Jewelry” means the item of jewelry containing the Diamond; “you” and “your” refer to you, the first purchaser of the Jewelry, and the first person to whom you give the Jewelry during your lifetime.

2. If the Diamond is not as promised in the Certificate, we will, at your option, promptly:
- accept the return of the Jewelry and provide you with a refund of the full purchase price, or
- replace the Diamond with a diamond that meets or exceeds each of the characteristics warranted.

3. This Warranty remains in effect during your lifetime for so long as you own the Jewelry.

4. If you make a claim under this Warranty, you must allow us to:
- examine the original copy of the Certificate;
- try and resolve your claim amicably;
- inspect the Jewelry and any gemological evaluation on which you base your claim;
- remove the Diamond from the Jewelry for gemological examination; and
- have the Diamond examined by an independent gemological laboratory.

5. We will respond to your claim as soon as possible, but no later than 45 days after we have received your claim. You should direct your claim to any Tiffany and Company store.

6. This Warranty is subject to the conditions stated in the Certificate and those stated below:
- this warranty covers only the lack of conformity of the Diamond with each of the characteristics stated on the Certificate at the time of sale and does not cover damage to the Diamond that occurs after the date of sale;
- the condition of the Diamond will be determined by examination under no greater than 10x magnification and by standard gemological techniques;
- if we have provided you with a plot or diagram mapping the interior or exterior features of the Diamond, that plot or diagram has been provided for identification purposes only and the presence or absence of a feature on the plot or diagram will not be covered by this Warranty;
- the accuracy of angles and linear measurements will be determined by the following tolerances: ±0.2º and ±0.02 millimeters; and
- the absence of enhancements will be determined by gemological tests generally in use at the time of sale.

7. This Warranty does not affect your statutory rights.