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Product Care


The wood finish of your Tiffany merchandise is carefully considered. To avoid potential damage please do not immerse the wood into water or any other liquid. To maintain its finish, simply buff wood with pure beeswax polish.

Care for Tagua Nut Accents

Special care is required for tagua nut accents on Tiffany sterling silver coffee and tea services.

To clean, wipe with a cotton swab dipped in warm, soapy water. Rinse with a fresh swab dipped in clean water. Dry with a soft cloth. Moisturize after cleaning with a drop or two of mineral or almond oil on a cotton swab. After applying the oil, leave it on for a minute, then wipe off.

Tagua, wooden and synthetic finials, insulators and handles should never be immersed in water when cleaning the silver piece. In addition, silver polish should be kept away from handle connections.