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This Is Tiffany



Who doesn’t love to be taken by surprise? To see things through new eyes? At Tiffany, we have always been instigators of thought and action, believers in pushing boundaries, champions of taking things a little further than most would dare. Thinkers and dreamers lie at the heart of our legacy, and every day, through exquisite design and masterful craftsmanship, we create a world that is beguiling and beautifully unexpected.
This is Tiffany.

There’s Only One

Tiffany has always stood for creativity, passion, optimism and individuality. These exuberantly unconventional women and men epitomise everything we believe in.

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A Beautiful Life

When form follows function, beauty befriends whimsy and quality comes before all else, the game of living well changes completely. Tiffany’s new Home & Accessories collection rewrites the rules of luxury.

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Urban Legends

Tiffany’s creativity has always been part of the energy of New York, without rules, without limits, without fear. After 180 years, we’ve become part of the very fabric of this amazing city.

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My Tiffany

For model/activist Doutzen Kroes, her Tiffany diamond wedding band changed everything.

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