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This Is Tiffany


Tiffany solitaire earrings make diamonds for day a most agreeable proposition.

Photograph by Richard Burbridge

Above: Tiffany solitaire earrings in platinum with round brilliant diamonds. Prices available upon request. For more information, call 1800 829 152.

When it comes to diamonds, one is enough—said no one ever. And when it comes to earrings, the idea is to be noticed. Being worn near the face, and illuminating it perfectly, is the role that Tiffany diamond solitaire earrings have been playing since they came into existence. You can thank Tiffany & Co. for bringing diamonds to America in 1848. And ever since their first sale on June 15, 1853, Tiffany’s solitaire diamond studs have received accolades for one very important thing: their pure and simple beauty. Held proudly by four platinum prongs, these are not just any ordinary adornment. They are an alluring beacon of strength and refinement. There is a certain genius to the extraordinary workmanship that goes into crafting Tiffany diamonds, and even more so when it comes to translating that beauty into an everyday staple. Donned by polished college girls of the 1950s—adding a touch of sparkle to cashmere sweater sets and pleated skirts—diamond stud earrings became the ultimate jewellery box must-have. This wave boomed in the ’90s alongside the rise of the independent, power-suited working woman who decided that she no longer needed to wait for a diamond to meet her left hand if she wanted a little sparkle in her life. Instead, she could pat herself on the back and put on her Tiffany solitaire diamond earrings, which discreetly telegraphed luxury and served as a daily “well done to me” reminder. Today, they are simply iconic, beautiful for every woman and every day. There is something remarkable about honing your style down to one—or, in this case, two—exceptionally well-chosen items. It speaks volumes about confidence, power and a unique ability to recognize something eternally chic. After all, everyone deserves a little perfection in their lives.