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This Is Tiffany


Lifting creative expression to unprecedented new heights, the 2017 Tiffany Blue Book Collection explores “The Art of the Wild” in designs that push the boundaries of the imagination and craftsmanship.

By Charlotte Cotton
Photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth
Styled by Camilla Nickerson

Above: The Falls necklace in platinum with mixed-cut diamonds.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow earrings in platinum and 18k gold with spessartites and yellow and white diamonds.

Since its inception, the Tiffany Blue Book has been a treasure trove of otherworldly designs, overflowing with unimaginable delights fashioned from extraordinary gemstones in glowing platinum and gold.

The artistic vision and groundbreaking designs of the 2017 Blue Book Collection, The Art of the Wild, are rendered with the highest of aims: to capture and translate the vital power of nature into wearable works of art. Through The Art of the Wild, our senses become attuned to the miraculous intricacies of the life forces of this planet, and we are immersed in its unfathomable splendour.

The inspirational sources for The Art of the Wild span from the epic waterfalls of the rain forest to the majestic birds and lush flowers of the jungle. The Art of the Wild recasts the world’s natural wonders to their most elemental manifestations: the transient beauty of floral blooms; the stellar forms of palm fronds reaching for the sun’s rays; and the perfect, shifting iridescence of an exotic bird’s plumage. We experience these wondrous encounters with nature with all our senses: in the life-giving pungency of berries, the sounds of rain and wind coursing through dense forest foliage, and the symphonic roar of a waterfall’s cascade. The Art of the Wild is an exquisitely crafted exaltation of the surging waves of life and vital beauty found in the natural wonders of the earth.

The 2017 Blue Book Collection continues Tiffany & Co.’s 180-year history of excellence in creating the most unique and technically ambitious works of art.

Whispers of the Rain Forest earrings in platinum and 18k gold with diamonds.

Leaves of the Sun earrings in platinum with mixed-cut diamonds.

Inspired by leaves reaching up towards the sunlight, these dramatic diamond earrings (over 6 carats total weight) feature more than 850 dazzling marquise, pear-shaped and round stones that frame the face in a most alluring way.


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow earrings in platinum with pink and white diamonds.

Throughout the six chapters of The Art of the Wild, artistry and feats of craftsmanship match the magnificence found in the natural world. One extraordinary necklace from Whispers of the Rain Forest is made from fluid bands of hinged baguette diamonds, beneath which hundreds of delicate fronds gently sway. Crafted from 18 karat gold and sprinkled with diamonds, each golden spear responds to movement and touch, evoking the sounds and qualities of tropical rain forests. Leaves of the Sun celebrates plants reaching up to the sunlight from a forest floor. Leaf patterns wrap, unfurl and stretch towards the light, their glistening vitality rendered in coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Inspired by the life-giving properties of indigenous fruits, the Miracle Berry collection is vibrant with custom-cut, bead-like spessartites and rubellites, each berry wrapped in delicate white and yellow diamonds and gold rope. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow takes its name from a flowering native of the Brazilian rain forests, which over the course of three days shifts in colour from the richest purple to lightest lilac to white. This chapter celebrates the vibrancy of colour in nature in the whitest diamonds and deep purple and pink sapphires, with delicately intertwined ombré bands that capture the spectrum attained by this fleetingly magical flower.

Leaves of the Sun rings in platinum and 18k gold with coloured gemstones and diamonds.

The Feathered Cloak collection is a visual ode to the majesty of exotic birds, celebrating the soaring motion of birds in flight and the sensuous simulation of their plumage. The Feathered Cloak cuffs are made from plumes of gold and platinum that lie in continuous, encircling bands, set with subtly gradating colours and sizes of gemstones and diamonds that respond to touch like the fluttering of a bird’s wing.

Finally, in this journey through the wonders of the wild, we experience the powerful, immersive and fluid properties of glacial water in The Falls, epitomized in the drama of a waterfall. Round, baguette and pear-shaped diamonds with invisible hinges cascade over the brim of a platinum and pavé diamond band. As with The Art of the Wild collection as a whole, these miraculous works of art capture the wild spirit and unbridled life force of nature.

The inspiration for “The Art of the Wild” ranges from the epic waterfalls of the rain forest to the lush flowers of the jungle.


The Falls earrings in platinum with mixed-cut diamonds.